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WaterScales arquitectos:格拉纳达展览馆和会议宫,由一个建筑竞赛选定由建筑师J. D. Fullaondo设计,并于1992年开放。他的类型学很有趣,其设计兼具形式化、功能性、坚实、象征性和灵活性, 但他主要强调的是从屋顶上360°的全景视图。在这里,游客们能看到一个圆形的露天剧场,大小相当于查理五世宫殿(Palace of Charles V)的圆形庭院,位于附近阿尔罕布拉宫(Alhambra)的纳斯里德要塞(Nasrid fortification)内。

WaterScales arquitectos:The Granada Exhibition and Conference Palace, thanks to an architecture competition, was designed by the architect J. D. Fullaondo and inaugurated in 1992. It is interesting for its typology: formal, functional, solid, iconic, and flexible, but its main highlight is the view from the roof, which has a 360° panorama over the city. Here, visitors will find a circular amphitheatre that, as a mirrors game, is equivalent in size to the porticoed round courtyard in the Palace of Charles V, located inside the Nasrid fortification of the nearby Alhambra.




Despite the phenomenal view, the amphitheatre needed a new public image in order to be attractive for international tourism as well as be used in a more flexible way to organize events as theatre, music and an open air restaurant during evenings.


“云”屋顶总图 Cloud general map



“The Cloud of the Palace”, is a space close to our dreams which overviews the city. It is comfortable for touch and sight and changeable thanks to sound and light. It is a new landscape with a fluid topography which covers a rigid existing geometry as a soft carpet in a “cloud” colour. Visitors can marvel at the view, but also eat, dance, converse, and enjoy musical or theatrical performances.




The new topography has been built by a light scaffolding structure and covered by phenolic plywood panels and white grass in a “cloud” colour (white grey).




The project’s lighting underscores its flexibility: LED strips and light spheres change their intensity and colour in order to turn the seating gallery into a self-luminous element for aesthetic storytelling.




“The Cloud”, has become a cultural and leisure reference in Andalusia. Its constructive simplicity and low maintenance costs aloud an intense use without losing the pursued quality.



“云”屋顶灵感来源 Cloud sketch Idea


“云”屋顶手绘视图 Cloud sketch idea view


“云”屋顶几何构图 Cloud palaces geometry


“云”屋顶几何布局 Cloud sketch geometry



“云”屋顶场景视图 Cloud sketch view scene


“云”屋顶下沉视图 Cloud sketch view entry


“云”屋顶下沉视图细节 Cloud sketch view entry detail


“云”屋顶总平面图 Cloud general plan


屋顶剖面图 1  Cloud section 1


屋顶剖面图 2  Cloud section 2


地点: 格林纳达展览和会议宫
景观设计: WaterScales architects (Carmen Barrós Velázquez & Francisco J. del Corral del Campo)
客户: Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Granada S.A
面积: 1,851平方米
执行企业: Montoro studio, Málaga.
造价: 351 690欧元( 190.5欧元/平方米)

建筑师: Daniel Marcos、Maria Isabel sabio、Juan josérodríguez、Joaquin fernández (结构)。
– 3d : David Rodríguez
-技术工程师: joséAntonio tallante martínez
-照明: Israel Si (轻型设计) / chemtrol / Global Led / crewlight / techluz
-声音: Antonio Arranz ( tecnitax )
-提供: layher (子结构) / icalo / rck / rosco
-格林纳达展览和会议宫助理: Raúl Lozano(Principal) /Gonzalo Montufo (技术工程师) /María Abril(技术援助) /Francisco Galiano(声音)
-摄影师: Fernando alda

-项目设计: 2015年1月
-建设时间: 2015年7月

-铺装: White grass
-照明: 一般照明:彩色led灯带/场景:特定照明设计
-家具: Lighting bar, lighting balloons (stars) and lighting sofas
-结构: 钢调制系统( layher )
-场景和舞蹈中心区: 酚醛木材

PLACE: Granada Exhibition and Conference Palace
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS: WaterScales architects (Carmen Barrós Velázquez & Francisco J. del Corral del Campo)
CLIENT: Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Granada S.A
ENTERPRISES EXECUTOR: Montoro studio, Málaga.
COST: 351,690 € (190,5 €/m2)

-Architects: Daniel Marcos, María Isabel Sabio, Juan José Rodríguez, Joaquín Fernández (Structure).
-3d: David Rodríguez
-Technical engineer: José Antonio Tallante Martínez
-Lighting: Israel Si (Light design) / Chemtrol / Global Led / Crewlight / Techluz
-Sound: Antonio Arranz (Tecnitax)
-Suppliers: Layher (Substructure) / Icalo / RCK / Rosco
-Assistants in Granada Exhibition and Conference Palace: Raúl Lozano (Principal) / Gonzalo Montufo (Technical engineer) / María Abril (Technical assistance) / Francisco Galiano (Sound)
-Photographs: Fernando Alda

-Project: January, 2015
-Execution: July, 2015

– Pavement: White grass
– Illumination: General lighting: Colour led strips / Scene: Specific lighting design
– Furniture: Lighting bar, lighting balloons (stars) and lighting sofas
– Substructure: Steel modulated system (Layher)
– Scene and dancing central area: Phenolic wood


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