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–路易斯·康 《静谧与光明》

Z’scape:All material in nature, the mountains and the stream and the air and we, are made of Light which has been shed, and this crumpled mass called material casts a shadow, and the shadow belongs to Light.

— Between Silence and Light, Louis Kahn



光影流转处,脉脉山海间 Between the Mountain and Sea



Bright Sunshine, coastal atmosphere, palm trees and cool wind are all typical elements of the resort city Sanya. Mount Sanya by ARANYA is located in the downtown area, Nanxialing, being a perfect retreat surrounded by woods and sea.  How to create a tranquil space for body and mind in the bustling Sanya City? Wabi-sabi has become a common goal for ARANYA and Z’scape.





“Replace noise with tranquility, Replace manual intervention with natural touches, Replace vulgarity with exquisiteness, Replace hasty tour with slow holiday lifestyle,  Replace showy life with the true beauty of life.”

The project aims to change people’s old impression on Sanya and creates a tranquil and peaceful Wabi-sabi space. Desert plants, simple space structure and elegant materials are employed in addition to the aesthetics of art and ideal, shaping the unique atmosphere of ARANYA.



沙生植物的天堂 Paradise for Desert Plants

炎热天气赐予了三亚丰富多彩的植物品种,满满当当填满了每个角落,以至于在美学上过于饱满。于是放空,在空灵中感知自我,成为了景观植物造景的灵魂。 以“很少的物质,很多的精神”表达侘寂之感。


Sanya is blessed with various species of plants due to its climate, which spread around every corner. Therefore, based on the idea “less is more”, Z’scape tries to interpret the spirit of wabi-sabi using simple materials.

Featuring unique shapes and appearances, desert plants adapt themselves well to the climate of Sanya, which are suitable for all forms of landscaping. On the site surrounded by luxuriant trees, desert plants stand quietly against the white walls and the red roofs to present an impressive scene.


展示中心 Exhibition Center


Without excessive decoration, the exhibition center is simply decorated by desert plants against three white walls, which serve as the interface between the interior and exterior spaces. Outside the white walls are Nicandra physalodes and Yucca aloifolia Quadricolor and Cereus repandus. Simple building materials, elegant desert plants and gentle light contribute to a warm and colorful space. Inside are maguey, Nicandra physalodes, Sansevieria cylindrical, Aeonium tabuliforme, Agave attenuate, etc. interspersed on the white-gravel ground. Sitting on the wooden terrace and looking back, you will get lost in the tranquility and “empty”. Imperfect composition of views will allow people to experience the wabi-sabi beauty and leave a deep impression on them.

▼坐在木平台上往回看,林中的静谧,略微的”空“,让情绪沉淀 Sitting on the wooden terrace and looking back, you will get lost in the tranquility and “empty”.


巷 Lane


The lane is a rectangular space for neighborhood communication, where the decorations not only shape the style of the space but also show the understanding and interpretation of life scenes in the Mount Sanya.




When you pass along the white walls, a “box” of light and shadow will come into sight: White walls, big trees, interspersed desert plants, light and shadow as well as the simple colors will make you feel back to the ancient times.


▼材料的运用展现了粗糙与细腻之间的微妙对话 The use of materials reveals a delicate dialogue between rustic and delicate texture



Walk down the steps and you will reach the center of the “box” where you can find big banyan tree, wooden terrace, seats……warm and familiar scene will remind you of the memory about homeland.


▼光影空间效果图 Perspective

▼白色的院墙,错落的大树,给人以一种穿越时空感觉 White walls, big trees, interspersed desert plants will make you feel back to the ancient times



Heading down, you will find a four meters high concrete wall, from which the cascade runs down and breaks the silence of the space.



院 Courtyard


Courtyard is a container of time, a frame of scenery and a harbor for souls. Here the designer uses the minimum colors (white gravels, white pottery, black terrace and wood) and the simple materials (rustic and delicate texture) to present the style and texture of wabi-sabi.



“ 一方庭院深幽处,半卷闲书一壶茶 ” 在粗织麻布为庇阴的廊架下安静的读书饮茶,在纯净、舒适、静谧氛围里,从三亚的喧嚣中向安静转身,让心灵休憩。

“In the depth of a courtyard, the ideal life is reading and drinking tea.” Under the shady pergola you can read and drink tea, In the pure, comfortable and tranquil space, You can escape from the bustle and bustle and relax your body and mind.


▼北区样板房 North example room


侘寂美学 Wabi-Sabi



Wabi-sabi provides a regional aesthetic experience which is realized through the interaction between human and nature. The design takes advantage of the natural texture of materials, introducing simplicity and comfortableness into the space in a modest way. Wabi-sabi aesthetics is also reflected in daily life and philosophy, light and shadow, changes of color as well as space atmosphere.

“Beautiful things will satisfy different tastes”.


▼糅合日常生活与哲学侘寂禅意 The Wabi-sabi aesthetics is also reflected in daily life and philosophy


光影 Light and Shadow


In the courtyard stand the parasol trees and pagoda trees. Light and shadow play with each other, showing wabi-sabi, elegance, imperfection, blanking… It highlights the inclusiveness and fun of the space. The simplest structure is built to create the purest scene, which tells us the beautiful story of time.



▼更多光影细节图 Details


结语 Conclusion

整个设计形式洗练,形体简约,色彩纯净,质感质朴,绿意交融,体会不完美中的一片宁静。 致舍崇尚平静优雅的空间、光影和结构表现,致力于追求纯粹的设计精神,人与自然的对话。

The landscape design is simple and elegant with graceful forms, pure colors, plain texture and well-proportioned plants. With elegant space, light and shadow as well as structural expression, Z’scape is dedicated to carrying forward the spirit of design and establishing the dialogue between human and nature.




Being towards beauty.



景观设计单位:Z’scape 致舍景观
竣工日期: 2020年

Project: ARANYA Sanya Sales Center
Developer: ARANYA
Landscape Area: 8,000 m2
Landscape Design: Z’scape
Design Team: Zhou Liangjun, Zhou Ting, Zhang Jinsheng, Du Jingzhi, Yang Zhenhua, Chen Liping, Han Pei, Liu Yueheng, Chen Yuxi, Yu Hao, Wang Zijian, Lv Ceng, Li Ziyi
Architectural Design: Verse Design
Interior Design: Symmetry Design
Landscape Decoration: Rushu Design
Contact: info@la-zscape.com
Year of Completion: 2020
Location: Sanya, Hainan
Photo by: Zheng Yan Architecture Photography, Luan Qi, ARANYA


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