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PuBang Design: On the eve of the inauguration ceremony, Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza came out with its peculiar and highly recognizable “∞” infinite loop shape, leading a new trend of discussion. The smooth curves, green hills and waterscape connected by multiple dimensions are breathtaking and exciting.


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Since winning the bid for the project in 2016, landscape design and architectural design have been involved at the same time. After 5 and half years, Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza, a new landmark project on the central axis of Baiyun District, with the hard teamwork of PB landscape, Zaha Hadid Architects and a multi-party team in order to jointly interpret the perfect fit and unique experience of architecture and landscape, has finally been completed and put into use.



繁华中轴·绿心/Prosperous Axis·Green Heart

无限循环的∞/Infinite Loop ∞


Infinitus Plaza is located in Baiyun New Town, Guangzhou, covering an area of approximately 45,200 square meters. It is adjacent to Feixiang Park on the south side and Wanda Plaza on the North side, and Metro Line 2 traverses the site, occupying a prime location.


▽广州白云新城中轴线 Guangzhou Baiyun New Town Central Axis


作为无限极(中国)有限公司全球总部,项目包含两座8层高“商办同圈”建筑,并由两条连廊与一条天台绿径相连,俯瞰形成象征无限循环的” ∞ “。景观由此划分出南北广场、中心互动区、两座建筑中庭、屋顶花园及边界种植区。

As the global headquarters of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., the project consists of two 8-storey “commercial and office in the same circle” buildings, which are connected by two corridors and a rooftop green path, overlooking the “∞” symbolizing an infinite loop. The landscape thus divides the north-south square, the central interactive area, the atrium of the two buildings, the roof garden and the border planting area.




Integrating the fluid and continuous architectural curve of Zaha Hadid and his team, Pubang Design attempts to link people with time and nature, communicate the Baiyun central axis and the passage of the underground railway, and shape the collision of culture, art and interaction. A mirror image of an era that is inseparable from the city.


▽设计概念与灵感 Design Concepts and Inspiration

▽首层总平面图 Ground floor master plan





How can the site be planned to respond to the government’s demand for accessing to the open city axis, the high green rate of 35%, and the challenges caused by the limited subway load?

How does the landscape respond to the ultimate inspiration curve of the building so as to achieving the effect of transmitting the influence of Infinitus’ global headquarters and corporate culture?

We combined the function of the site to continue the interpretation of the unique curve of Zaha style from the initial stage of the concept to the presentation of the plan. By replacing the curve language of the plane with the concept of contour ridges and slopes, rearranging the spacing between wiring and lines, and finally outputting a three-dimensional curve language. It further combines landscape function spaces such as water features, benches and grass steps to reshape the lines to form different matrix modules.


▽设计方案多稿推敲 Multiple drafts of design proposals


▽设计形态最终推导 Design form final derivation

▽设计形态推敲优化(左)&扎哈·哈迪德团队的交流碰撞(右) Design form deliberation and optimization (left) & The exchange and collision of Zaha Hadid’s team (right)



Through dynamic line analysis, each matrix is arranged in sequence on the central axis of the square. After rigorous calculation of the load on the top plate of the central axis, the highest point of each matrix is controlled within the allowable range for refinement, and finally the north is formed. An artistic green island on the side and a central axis square space with a ritual entrance to the south and a water drop landscape.



重叠山丘·引力/Overlapping Hills·Gravity

动态自然的曲线/Dynamic and natural curve


Capturing the spirit of the infinite flow of the venue, comprehensively designing demands and constraints, PUBON Design uses flexible and subtle, layered details and stereoscopic visual expression techniques to make the venue stay, reverie, and engage with an endless sense of flow and gravity.




Based on the activity path of business and public users to study the traffic flow, the design team carried out multiple drafts and different forms of deliberation and evolution during the project period. According to the distance between the entrances of the two buildings, the 17-degree opening path is optimized, naturally embedded in the flowing hills, and the interweaving of lines and color blocks divides the space and organizes the lines of action.




流淌于自然的水幕/Water curtain flowing in nature


The dynamic and static waterscape reflects the light and shadow of the building, and the projecting undulating water pattern adds a sense of rhythm to the space, thereby infecting people’s spiritual world and the experience of another dimension. The South Entrance Plaza serves as the corporate image display surface, and at the same time acts as a gathering and distributing function for people from the park. Connect the inside and outside with vitality and guide the crowd to gather.




Rhythmic springs weaken the noise from the city, the square pavement uses dark lines to diverge the curved outline, and the 3:1 paving size is selected to add dynamic and guiding, and the lighting atrium under the long-span corridor of the building is linked to create a circulation of people Interaction and sharing scenes in a style space.




Bathe in the sunlight that penetrates the building, listen to the sound of the wind passing through the central axis of the city, enjoy the cozy sound of falling water and the noisy atmosphere of human feelings, and establish an interaction and connection with the venue during gathering, strolling, playing in the water, and sitting idle.



掩映于岛屿的邂逅/Encounter hidden in the island


The curve is from two-dimensional to three-dimensional to interpret the inspiration on the grass steps. The topography encloses the embedded viewing and activity space, dialogues with the smooth curve of the building, conveys a sense of simplicity, atmosphere, tranquility and far-reaching atmosphere, making the site a natural visual focus and shaping the whole The consistency and continuity of the project.




Each green island is different, with lawns and flower borders paired with tall trees, embracing the building with a pleasant arc, forming a three-dimensional green landscape under different perspectives. Under strict green space requirements, a subtle and elegant communication and leisure space is interpreted.




Refreshing green hills connect the ground and meander up to become seats for people to rest. The arc gradually changes from soothing to narrow, tracing the silent power like the mountains and the sea, providing a scale for loved ones while giving more Exploratory and interactive.



镜像艺术·境界/Mirror Art·Realm

意念成像的冲击/The impact of mental image


The building transfers energy, movement and infinite possibilities with a flowing “infinite ring” on multiple levels. The landscape extends the architectural curve, and the paving is cut according to the drawings. Combined with the transparent and integrated glass curtain wall, it shows infinity. The visual tension of the cycle, and the organic integration of corporate culture, landscape feelings and place spirit.


▽办公建筑中庭鸟瞰 Aerial view of office building atrium

▽商业建筑中庭鸟瞰 Aerial view of commercial building atrium

▽与扎哈·哈迪德团队的交流碰撞 Collision with Zaha Hadid’s team


园林与人文的相望相生/Gardens and humanities face each other

办公建筑中庭以岭南园林作为故事主线,借鉴“故乡水”的造景手法,营造三江汇流的壮观景象,铺装向内折叠延续,突出中庭设计的视线焦点,并与无限极企业文化景观石形成对望的关系,演绎俯瞰视角的” ∞”循环符号,同时也体现出中国岭南园林中山石之趣味。

The atrium of the office building uses Lingnan gardens as the main story line, drawing on the landscaping technique of “hometown water” to create a spectacular scene of the confluence of three rivers. The face-to-face relationship interprets the “∞” cycle symbol from a bird’s-eye view, and at the same time reflects the interest of Chinese Lingnan gardens in the mountains and rocks.


▽如盆景般微缩岭南园林 Miniature Lingnan gardens like bonsai


景观与建筑的无尽之境/The endless realm of landscape and architecture


A calm and soothing line connects the four entrances and exits of the commercial building’s atrium. The flowing water drops to the feet. When there is no water, it becomes a dry stream, attracting people to linger and experience the leisurely life fragments.




While echoing the brilliance of nature, Sankexiaoyelanren creates a sense of community with vitality. The pure lines of the building’s curtain wall complement the quiet and gracefulness of the streamlined steps. Without consciousness, it will fall into a state of concentration and meditation, stimulating the energy from the inner subconscious.



绿意延绵·界面/Green Continuation·Interface

超越空间的形态/Form beyond space


In order to echo the open enthusiasm of the city, the design focuses on local plants in Lingnan for plant configuration, combining low ground cover plants and steps to create a landscape effect with scattered layers and transparent views, showing the corporate image and creating a friendly urban interface.



向外延展的自然边界/Natural boundary extending outward


On the one hand, the green planting pond supports the corporate logo, and on the other hand, it guides people inward, becoming a buffer zone between the main municipal roads, the inner circle of the building, and the vitality axis. Plants with shallow roots are mainly selected, and root puncture-resistant coils are made at a depth of 100cm below the finished surface of the planting soil to create a space experience with a pleasant scale and more connectedness.



自上延伸的光辉轮廓/Glorious outline extending from above


From the green planting area on the ground to the corridor and roof garden in the middle, the dynamic and flowing landscape merges with the architecture, and penetrates into the nature from bottom to top. Gorgeous and dazzling night lights, engraving the brilliant outlines of buildings and landscapes, like a tactful melody, composing the dynamic and quiet Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza.



曲线艺术·解析/Curve Art·Analysis

多维场景的碰撞/Collision of multi-dimensional scenes


Bending, stretching, and continuing the charm of the curve, the atmosphere of the entire project is integrated, from the site circulation, viewing and leisure landscape nodes, paving and other details and construction techniques for overall management and control, the creation belongs to Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza The unique charm.


▽简化线条总平面图 Simplified line master plan


解决地铁荷载带来的挑战/Solve the challenges possessed by subway loads


Since Metro Line 2 passes underground along the central axis, the load of newly-added structures on the original backfill of the subway protection area cannot exceed 20kn/m2. The design needs to address the location descriptions that are different from the original soil elevation, and clarify the design elevation and the subway. The relationship between the upper cover and the construction of the garden at the elevation change position, including balanced load, water feature waterproofing, dredging and drainage, and solving the growth of plant roots, carried out a series of ground protection measures and construction process guidance.


▽按现状平均标高11.5设计标高平面图 Design elevation plan according to the current average elevation of 11.5

▽景观草阶及水景荷载分析及处理方式 The load analysis and treatment method of landscape grass steps and waterscape


景观绿岛与草阶/Landscape with green island and grass terrace



Each three-dimensional landscape green island and grass terrace on the site has subtle changes in multiple arcs and multiple levels. The position relationship of the integrated air shafts is combined with the paving stone and the whole stone cutting of the terrazzo, so as to realize the elevation from the ground level from the slow to the urgent. Gradually ascend to interpret the sitting stools or circular stone steps, hiding the delicate and elegant details of the experience.

In order to realize the rational transformation of the Zaha-style three-dimensional curve in the scheme, the design adopts a new drawing method. First, use the spline curve to transform the plan from the model to the plane, and use the pl line to describe the spline curve section by section, then review and merge the nodes to simplify, and finally remodeling in cad to ensure that the existence of breakpoints is reduced As well as the smoothness of the curve, the splicing size of each stone is accurately positioned in the model, so as to obtain accurate measurement information, and finally effectively output a complete set of construction drawings.


▽CAD施工图建模反复推演细节 CAD construction drawing modeling repeatedly deduces details

▽平均高差450mm,宽度从中间600mm宽向两端收窄 The average height difference is 450mm, and the width narrows from 600mm in the middle to both ends

▽实景呈现 Real scene presentation


传统岭南园林假山景观/Traditional Lingnan style artificial mountain



In response to the request of the owner, a traditional Lingnan style artificial mountain like a bonsai arrived as scheduled. Considering that the load of the basement roof is 150kn/m2, the design has been repeatedly calculated after a series of data calculations. The bottom 2 meters are piled with Lingnan stone and the top 6 meters with plastic stone. At the same time, the mud draft is processed after the drawing design and the details are considered. , Joining the concept of Guangzhou’s Three Rivers Confluence, finally formed an enveloping facade effect, and arranged for the designer to guide the construction on site to ensure the high-quality presentation of the project.

Because the Zaha-style streamlined architecture is very modernist, in order to find a balance between classic Lingnan gardens and modernist styles, the designer designed a three-dimensional curvilinear pool wall with Zaha language characteristics for the rockery. The rockery landscape is perfectly neutralized. Different styles show different effects.


▽办公中庭假山荷载与做法分析 Analysis on load and practice of rockery in office atrium

▽从概念到落地全程推敲把控 Deliberate and control the whole process from concept to implementation

▽实景呈现 Real scene presentation


结语/Concluding remarks


The city is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. In this complex form of production, the space boundary between the individual and the public has become increasingly blurred. Extending the open central axis of the city, infiltrating the daily activities of employees and citizens, seamlessly connect the commercial office of Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza’s global headquarters and the leisure life of citizens.





项目地点:广东 广州
建筑方案、幕墙方案、景观方案、标识方案、主要办公区域及公共区域装修设计:Zaha Hadid Architects

Project Name: Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza
Project location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Project area: 45280㎡
Entrusted owner: Guangdong Infinitus Property Development Company
Landscape design and construction drawing: Pubang Design
Architectural plan, curtain wall plan, landscape plan, logo plan, main office area and public area decoration design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Overall design unit : Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (GDAD)
Structural design: RBS (structural design, construction drawing consultant)
Curtain wall design: BUROHAPPOLD
Mechanical and electrical design: WSP
Copywriting: Landscape Week
Photography team: Insect II image



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