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Shanmugam Associates:Raga Svara 专注于与周围环境相结合的疗愈、美学、哲学和生态健康。Raga 的标志 “Pause”(暂停)寓意着所有进入这个绿色天堂的人都能有意识地放空、沉思、倾听身体与自然的协同作用,并以教育的方式恢复活力。有了这样一个清晰的愿景,留给建筑师的任务就是尊重自然,尽量减少对现有景观的干预。

Shanmugam Associates:Raga Svara, as in the words of its founders, focuses on therapeutic, aesthetic, philosophical and ecological wellbeing of oneself in conjunction with the surroundings. Raga’s logo “Pause” indicates all those who enter this green haven to consciously pause in time, reflect, listen to the body in synergy with nature and get rejuvenated in an educational way. With such a clear vision for Raga, the onus on the architects was to make minimal interventions in the existing landscape and have nature takes precedence.


▽住宿区位于辣木种植园之间 Sitting righ in between the Moringa cultivate is the Acommodation block

© Vinay Panjwani


▽环行桥可以看到辣木种植林 Circumabulatory bridge offering a view of the Moringa Fields

© Vinay Panjwani



The linearity of the site, old trees with huge canopies, agricultural land, location adjacent to Rajkot- Bhavnagar highway and natural site terrain were primary factors that steered the architects to take a biophilic approach to design. Zoning was done with relevance to huge banyan and peepal trees at site.





Architectural language was delineated by exploring basic aspects of roof, wall and floors. Floors interweaved inside and outside with landscape; walls with maximum transparency to enjoy lush vegetation; and roof being simple, horizontal exposed concrete slabs.


▽建筑体量规划为简洁的屋顶、与地面融为一体的地板和玻璃墙,使人们能够欣赏到周围的自然风光 Built volumes are planned with a simple roof, floor that blends to the ground and glass walls that enable to enjoy the nature around

© Vinay Panjwani


▽简单的建筑体量体现了 Raga 的设计语言,空间向周围的花园开放 Design language at Raga is for simple built volumes that open up into the gardens around

© Vinay Panjwani



The reception at the entry welcomes with a landscape extending to the roof, inviting one to take a walk and have a glimpse of the entire property. The entire roof is hidden with hanging curtain creepers which is literally a green curtain while entering the lobby, hoping to set the initial tone.


▽阶梯式绿化屋顶通向接待楼的顶部,使整个楼盘一览无余 Stepped green roof leads to the top of the reception block giving a view of the entire property

© Vinay Panjwani


▽OAT,可以举行格尔巴舞、瑜伽或教育讲座 Garba, yoga or educational talks are all planned to be held in the OAT

© Vinay Panjwani


▽接待处和到达大厅有一个用陶土板制成的曼陀罗迎宾图案 The reception and arrival hall has a welcoming mandala made out of teracotta plates

© Vinay Panjwani



Gigantic trees encapsulate the restaurant, library and pool by defining a space of congregation. The library has been located right under the banyan (Ficus benghalensis) that is eponymous to learning.


▽图书馆坐落在大榕树下,供周围的人学习 The library at Raga sits under the big banyan for learning to happen all around

© Vinay Panjwani



Inspiration from stepped wells of Gujarat and requirement of sufficient shaded areas, aided in evolving the swimming pool area that has symmetrically punctured ceiling and granite steps.


▽泳池厅位于大自然和一棵巨大的印度苦楝树之间 Amidst nature and a huge neem tree is the pool lobby

© Vinay Panjwani


▽游泳池的部分区域设有趣味遮阳屋顶 The swimming pool is partitaly shaded with a interesting roof

© Vinay Panjwani


▽受古吉拉特阶梯井的启发,阶梯泳池向游客发出邀请 A stepped pool inspired by Gujarat stepped wells invites the visitor at Raga

© Vinay Panjwani



Chamfered and cut roof slabs of the yoga centre was planned around existing mango trees (Mangifera Indica) offering space for reflection.


▽瑜伽中心大厅 The yoga centre lobby

© Vinay Panjwani


▽间接照明、裸露的混凝土天花板、宁静的音乐和绿色景观是瑜伽中心的特色Indirect lighting, exposed concrete ceiling, calming music and green vistas are the features of the Yoga Centre

© Vinay Panjwani


疗愈室位于 Raga Svara 的中心地带,坐落在建筑的后端,是一处隐蔽的空间。入口门厅与店内的马尼拉罗望子树提供了阴凉,也为空间洒下了迷人的光景;悬浮式屋顶让自然光渗入宽敞的疗愈室内,迎接着顾客的到来。

Heart of Raga Svara, the treatment rooms have been tucked in at the property’s rear end to provide seclusion. An entry foyer and boutique with manila tamarind (Pithecellobium dulce) offering canopy, ravishing landscape filled restrooms and floating roofs allowing natural light to seep into large sized therapy rooms welcome Raga’s patrons.


▽疗愈室的自然光从屋顶正下方的开口处射入,以确保隐私 Treatment rooms have natural light coming in the from the openings given right below the roof to ensure privacy

© Vinay Panjwani


Raga 的 20 套豪华住宅环绕着一个社区花园和环形桥建造,在辣木(别名鼓槌树)种植区后面可以看到美丽的夕阳。别墅拥有独立的私人花园和游泳池,隐藏在禅意花园后方。所有住宿空间都自然通风,并配有宽敞的私人花园。

The luxurious 20-key Raga residences, were built around a community garden and circumambulatory bridge, that frames a vista of the western sun behind Moringa cultivation. Cottages have their own private garden with pool and are tucked in behind the zen gardens. All restrooms are naturally ventilated with large private gardens.


▽20 间客房与花园错落有致 20 rooms interspersed with gardens

© Vinay Panjwani


▽20 间客房周围有一个大庭院作为聚会场所 A large courtyard offers as a congregation space around the 20 room of stay

© Vinay Panjwani


▽九重葛映衬下的私人套房入口 Entry to the private cottages framed by Bougainvillea

© Vinay Panjwani


▽私人套房拥有独立的私人泳池和秋千 Private cottages have their own private pool and swing

© Vinay Panjwani


▽所有房间都带有绿色阳台或花园 All rooms have either a green balcony or garden to walk into

© Vinay Panjwani



项目施工过程伴随着三年的疫情,材料采购和执行方面的挑战贯穿始终。Raga 室内设计的特点是围绕四块质朴的氛围板、当地采购的天然石材以及由实心柚木和藤条编制的定制家具。

An asymmetrical mandala pattern, that was created as a central aesthetic branding identity, is subtly blended in the look book, signage, exposed concrete ceiling patterns, wall murals and flooring.

Sourcing local material and executional challenges were integral part of construction for Raga that went through three pandemic waves. A rustic mood board created around four Indian Ragas, regionally sourced natural stones and customized furniture made from solid teak and rattan are characteristics of Raga’s interior design.


▽曼陀罗图案 Mandala

© Shanmugam Associates


▽四个拉格(印度古典音乐旋律所用的调式,但这个字直译为“色彩”、“色相”,亦可以解作“美”、“旋律”)为客房设计提供了灵感 Four Raga have inspired the mood board of the room stays at Raga

© Vinay Panjwani


蜿蜒在葱郁景观中的小路、健康至上的古吉拉特美食、建筑与绿地之间的过渡带、众多宁静的思考角落以及专属打造的有意义的休养地,这些都是 Raga Svara 所提供的服务。

Raga Svara 总占地 25 英亩,整个项目团队齐心协力,小心翼翼地保护着场地的景观和现有的生物多样性,打造出了 “体验胜于阅读”的绿色天堂。

Meandering pathways amidst lush landscapes, delicious Gujarati cuisine with emphasis on wellbeing, blur between the built and green spaces, plethora of quiet corners to ruminate and customized meaningful retreats are some of the offerings by Raga Svara.

Treading carefully with the landscape and existing bio-diversity of a 25-acre farm, the entire team worked in tandem to create Raga Svara that is best experienced than read.


▽精心烹制的古吉拉特健康美食,让人一走进公共用餐空间就能感受到浓郁的乡村风情 Curated healthy Gujarati cuisine focusing wellness is complimented with a rustic ambeince as one walks into the common dining space

© Vinay Panjwani


▽围绕蜿蜒小径的灯光和音乐在迎接夜晚的到来 Sublte lighting and music around meandering pathsways welcomes the night at Raga

© Vinay Panjwani


▽设计图纸 Design drawings

© Shanmugam Associates
© Shanmugam Associates
© Shanmugam Associates
© Shanmugam Associates
© Shanmugam Associates
© Shanmugam Associates
© Shanmugam Associates



项目名称:Raga Svara, https://ragasvara.in/
项目地点:印度 古吉拉特邦 拉杰果德

建筑事务所:Shanmugam Associates
公司所在地:印度 泰米尔纳德邦 Trichy/ Chennai
首席建筑师:Santhosh Shanmugam, Raja Krishnan D, Ramya Raman
首席建筑师邮件:santhosh@shanmugamassociates.in, krishnan@shanmugamassociates.in

设计团队:Krishnah Priya, Ajith Kumar, Roshni Roy, , Ramya Raman, Raja Krishnan, Santhosh Shanmugam
客户:Denish Patel, Mohit Patel, Nirav Talaviya
工程:Water Lilly PHE Consultant
景观:Sandip Patil, Tapan Modi, Earthscapes Consultancy Private Ltd
顾问:Er.Balasubramanian, Structural (Shanmugam Associates)/ Nilesh
合作者:Siddharth Kaneria, Art Collaborative 等

图片来源:Vinay Panjwani

Project Name: Raga Svara, https://ragasvara.in/
Project location: Rajkot, Gujarat
Completion Year: Dec 2022
Gross Built Area: 75,000 Sqft

Architecture Firm: Shanmugam Associates
Website: http://shanmugamassociates.com/
Contact e-mail: ramya@shanmugamassociates.in
Firm Location: Trichy/ Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Lead Architects: Santhosh Shanmugam, Raja Krishnan D, Ramya Raman
Lead Architects e-mail: santhosh@shanmugamassociates.in, krishnan@shanmugamassociates.in

Design Team: Krishnah Priya, Ajith Kumar, Roshni Roy, , Ramya Raman, Raja Krishnan, Santhosh Shanmugam
Clients: Denish Patel, Mohit Patel, Nirav Talaviya
Engineering: Water Lilly PHE Consultant
Landscape: Sandip Patil, Tapan Modi, Earthscapes Consultancy Private Ltd
Consultants: Er.Balasubramanian, Structural (Shanmugam Associates)/ Nilesh
Collaborators: Siddharth Kaneria, Art Collaborative Etc..

Photo credits: Vinay Panjwani
Photographer’s website: https://vinaypanjwani.smugmug.com/
Photographer’s e-mail: panjwani.vinay@gmail.com




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