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GND: Poly New City Centre is located in the ancestral temple district of Chancheng, Foshan, with two TODs, one hub, and five horizontal and five vertical trunk roads. The industrial clusters including health care and elderly care, business and trade exhibitions have been developed in the north of Foshan as a comprehensive hub, and the city life of Guangzhou and Foshan is linked closely.




滨水绿心 多元生活 Green Waterfront Diverse Living



Steven Holl, a well-known contemporary architect, once said: “The core of the value of living is its relationship with the city. Only those areas that can enjoy the scarce natural resources and also have a prosperous urban background are the most valuable place to live.”

Poly South China and GND Jiedi Landscape have taken urban nature as the design intent, and created a train-themed life aesthetic experience gallery through the method of “scene + form” in the landscape design of Poly New City Centre exhibition area, based on the surrounding advantageous environment foundation. Through the development of a comprehensive service system, the community is the core and the family is the unit, the design has provided residents with a pleasant space environment and a variety of public supporting facilities, so that residents can fully enjoy a convenient, efficient and ecological community life without being limited by time and region.



设计解读 Design Interpretation


Combined with the functional needs of the space, the designers have rationally arranged the visiting routes and general layout, and realized the comfort and complexity of each space combining with the natural resources of the site. Visitors can choose different visiting routes to obtain different memories and interactive experiences.


▽现状与策略Current situation and strategy

▽灵感与运用Inspiration and application


▽流线与分区 Routes and partitions


植物策略 Plant strategy


On the basis of retaining native plants, the design removes and replants some of local trees and flowers to build a rich vegetation structure. At the same time, the space under the forest is used to create interesting and leisure social venues, combined with the visiting routes, behavior habits and living needs, and explores the multi-dimensional links between the city, the community, nature and people.


▽植物设计分析 Plant Design Analysis


01起始站-云霄之上Starting station above the sky


The spiritual fortress with smooth lines has become the beginning of the project narrative. Through the composition and slight changes of the shape, the texture of the material itself, and the right lighting design, it presents a simple and restrained beauty.


▽精神堡垒 Spiritual Fortress

▽场地改造前后对比 Comparison before and after site renovation



The entrance plaza is open and atmospheric, and elements such as artistic waterscapes, themed IP sculptures, intelligent bus stations and leisure benches are placed into the venue to build a fun art and living space. Combining the virtual and the real, it creates a multi-sensory experience for residents and visitors in a limited space.


▽入口广场空间营造 Entrance plaza space creation

▽主题雕塑 Themed sculpture

▽电瓶车接驳站 Battery car connection station


02迎宾站-时空穿梭Welcome station time travel


Before entering the plaza and the exhibition area, the designer has used the space expression method to first restrain and then ascend to set up a long and narrow forest passage. The scattered trees and finely planted ground cover have created a poetic and situational landscape flowing line and a winding ambience.


▽林荫大道 Boulevard

▽细节设计 Detail design


03互动站-停歇电轨 Interactive station Rail for relaxing


Banyan Tree Memory Plaza organizes the functional layout with the preservation of ancient trees as the center, where the small platforms, linear benches, and fitness equipment provide space for rest, viewing, communication, and play, which expands the interaction between the project and the city in an open attitude.


▽设计手稿Design draft

▽高铁主题活动器械 High-speed rail theme activity equipment

▽场地改造前后对比 Comparison before and after site renovation



Children’s activity space creates a parent-child paradise for residents to interact and play with children. The undulating grassy slope simulates a natural mountain, and the rich plant configuration allows children to travel through the forest.


▽设计手稿Design draft

▽儿童主题乐园 Children’s theme park

▽场地改造前后对比 Comparison before and after site renovation



Interactive amusement IP-themed equipment, which integrates children’s most basic play methods such as climbing, sliding and drilling, with the high-speed rail passing through the mountains as the scene concept, progressively enriches the sensory experience and interactive exploration fun, and let children feel the artistic world and the wonderful freedom of childhood.


▽沉浸式互动游乐 Immersive interactive play


04 终点站-滨河未来生活 Terminal Future Life at Riverfront


The south side of the site is close to the green space in the park and the Fenjiang River. The design team hopes that the community landscape can be integrated with the urban landscape organically as a whole. The riverside space design takes “fetters” as the design concept, and blends the local characteristics of the river waters and the feelings of the local residents into the landscape design. Cultural billboards and egret installations add the artistic color of the landscape, and at the same time endow it with rich connotation, which create an ecological waterfront park for people to rest, interact and go sightseeing.


▽设计手稿Design draft

▽生态滨水公园 Ecological Waterfront Park

▽场地改造前后对比 Comparison before and after site renovation


高差设计 Height difference design


The design combines the current height difference, reorganizes and integrates the form and rhythm of the space, where the leisure viewing platforms, art benches, stairs, gentle slopes, and multi-level corridors form a multi-level waterfront open space for relaxing, viewing, running, riding which can be implemented all together here.


▽设计手稿 Design draft

▽多层次的滨水景观空间 Multi-level waterfront landscape space

▽场地改造前后对比 Comparison before and after site renovation



Waterfront leisure plazas, tree-lined paths, plant landscaping, ecological lawns and rippling waterscapes complement each other and form a natural picture. The nature-friendly environment strengthens the cohesion of the place, leaving enough room for future life scenes, such as festival parties, market and camping, folk activities, recreation and fitness, etc., providing residents with space for leisure, entertainment and social gatherings.


▽开放式公共场地空间 Open public space



Sitting here, the sight is transparent, the scenery is pleasant, the spatial order is rich and rhythmic, and one can feel the tranquility and comfort close to nature.


▽在亲自然的场景中休闲小憩 Take a break in a pro-nature setting

▽细节设计 Detail design


▽丰富的滨河生物多样性 Rich riverfront biodiversity

▽精致自然的植物搭配 Delicate and natural plant collocation


05终点站-未来美居蓝图 Terminal Future Residence Blueprint


In the etiquette space of the sample area, the circular field combines the shapes and ornamental characteristics of different plants, the combination of trees, shrubs and grasslands, ingeniously injects a comfortable and natural elegance into the rigorous order, creating a rich and open experience.


▽通往样板房 Access to the model room



The landscape is not only for viewing, but also pays attention to the spiritual needs of the residents. We always integrate the base with the surrounding landscape resources in an open attitude to realize the exchange and interaction between the city, landscape and residents. From functions to sceneries, the design enriches the experience and participation of the venue, creating a new life scene that is more in line with the needs of residents, which activates the infinite vitality of the venue, and conveys the healing warmth of community life.


▽展示区总平面图 General layout of the exhibition area



项目地点:广东  佛山
策划/视效:iDEER LAB

Project Name: Poly New City Centre
Owner: Poly South China
Landscape design: GND Jiedi Landscape
Design content: full-cycle landscape design of the exhibition area
Project Location: Foshan, Guangdong
Project area: 16960 square meters
Design time: June 2021
Completion time: June 2022
Design cycle: 6 weeks
Chief Designer: Qiu Ge, Li Bing, Zhong Yongcheng
Design Team: Luo Feng, Wang Fan, Gong Yingshan, Liu Yun, Pan Xiao, Lai Guilong, Yuan Xuepei, Guo Shuqi, Zhong Huayan, Li Chenming, Zhong Yiming, Li Geng
Garden design: Zhang Canjie, Chen Chen, Zhang Dongdong, Zhou Zihua, Xu Penghui, Li Yanfeng, Gong Ming
Plant design: Luo Chuyi, Wang Tuotuo
Hydropower Design: Li Yanfeng
Structural Design: Gong Ming
Landscape construction: Guangzhou Huayuan Garden Co., Ltd.
Project Photography: Riye Photography
Planning/Visual Effects: iDEER LAB




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