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HANCS:We don’t talk about luxury, only about life; I don’t know from what time the life worth showing off is the time of the cat in the home, the elegant building is not comparable to the full fragrance in the home, the highest level of enjoyment is in the everyday life, the mansion yard can only be described as a container, the home has always been our attachment and aspiration to the land.



坐山-坐水-坐林 Sitting on the mountain, sitting on the water, sitting on the forest


This mansion should not be created, but should be planted in this peaks at Beilai Garden, the big ring of Metasequoia forest facing south, the south lake surrounded by the light of the sky and greenery,seeking the sound, you can hide in the maple forest, with refreshing green, springs, flowers and trees in the mountain streams, sitting in the water pavilion looking at the lake in the mountains, looking back at me on the water side.



家族庄园的布局,然后把建筑镶嵌在大自然里 The layout for a family estate,set the building in nature

项目地位于上海设计面积有5000平方米,场地的面积足够大而且南面有湖西面又有河,虽然是家庭居住的地方但是我们更想上一层次的设定成家族庄园的布局,将来经常会有朋友家庭亲子聚会等活动,所以景观设计不仅仅需满足视觉美观,作为室内延伸的使用在布局上需要为业主提供生活所需的一系列 “花园房间”来满足不同亲友群活动功能的需求。


The project site is located in Shanghai with a design area of 5,000 square meters, the site area is large enough,there is a lake to the south and a river to the west, although it is a family living place but we would like to reach a higher level of layout as a family estate.There will often be friends and family gatherings and other activities in the future, so the landscape design not only needs to satisfy the visual aesthetics, as an indoor extension , the place needs to provide the owners with a series of “garden rooms” required for life to meet the needs of different family and friends group activities.

When working on a project, we spend most of our time discussing how to organize the surroundings, organize and reserve the available resources, analyze the surrounding environment, view lines, organize the existing good conditions as well as the insufficient environmental conditions, and then integrate the building into the nature. Our project is divided into four parts; the first part is the entrance, from the entrance, the gate of this project is close to the door of the next house, so we are going to make a gate with a strong sense of privacy, which seems inconspicuous but elegant. The original deciduous trees and evergreen trees were moved and adjusted to conceal the house by trees, and the door was placed inside the hedge to make a deep hedge, so that the door looks very secretive and hidden to increase the privacy and the feeling of a grand house.


▼设计草图 Design Sketch


东院是江浙附近自然山坡一般,有着山边丘陵地枫林的地形样貌  The east courtyard is similar to the typical natural hillside near Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with the topography of maple forest on the hillside.


The east courtyard is a long and winding corridor extending to the south courtyard pine pavilion, which is also the best route for the man-made environment to gradually move towards the natural environment.For example, the side fence of the corridor with the concept of landscape extension, in detail processing,we proposed the border flowerbeds with stone veneer and layers of maple trees, leaving seams for moss to grow out from the stone veneer seams to converge, so that the fence looks like the natural hillside near Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with the topography of the hillside. The atmosphere of the maple forest in the hilly area, the gurgling stream is clear and sparkling, and the sound of the water stream flowing in the distance attracts people step by step towards the lakeside,sitting in the pine pavilion in the mountains, and the sound of the water from afar makes the courtyard have a deeper level of feeling, and at the end of the corridor is the mountain spring flowing from the stone wall, and the mood turns from the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquility of the mountains.


▼设计效果图 Design renderings

▼实景呈现 Real scene presentation

▼庭院长廊空间 Courtyard promenade space

▼廊道引导至湖边松亭 The corridor leads to the pine pavilion by the lake

▼湖松亭 Husongting

▼置石水景 Shishi Waterscape


北院我们把土地雕塑成山脉的形状,整座房子稳稳坐在山林间 In the north courtyard, we sculpted the land into the shape of a mountain range, and the whole house sits firmly among the mountains and forests.


After the terrain is turned into a hill range, every window is full of greenery, as if the land was originally a mountain, we just organized it into a garden and a platform terrain that the house can be built on, the hillside is full of rhododendron and moss, the land is connected with the original trees, forming a continuous hillside that sits steadily among the mountains and forests.


▼庭院台阶植物空间 Courtyard steps plant space

▼庭院山林间 Courtyard Mountain Forest

▼起伏的微地形设计 Undulating micro-terrain design


西院是一个享受田园乐趣”后厨花园”  The west courtyard is a “backyard garden” for the enjoyment of the garden.


We also hope that it is not just a vegetable garden but a place for families to spend time together and for children to experience life close to nature, using the small woods adjacent to the western border to connect the vegetable garden with the terrain to create a slightly higher slope to make it more convenient for farming.


▼后厨花园 Back kitchen garden

▼自然丰富的植物营造 Naturally rich plant creation


南院是整个生活的核心 The south courtyard is the heart of the whole life


The poolside is a great space for family games and parties, with a spacious and expansive view to the forest at the far end. The entire building has a magnificent view of the estate because of the large south courtyard, and the grounds are majestic with views of the entire sky from sunrise to sunset. There are morning mists and evening haze, and at night there are beautiful starlight and moonrise and moonset, and the blue light emitted from the swimming pool at night with the golden building , so that the whole garden is filled with a mysterious and beautiful scenery. At the far end of the South Garden, the lake is a small island where you can sit on the shore of the lake, and it is as if you have left the fence of your home and gone to the stream and lake in the mountains.


▼设计效果图 Design renderings

▼庭院核心空间实景呈现 Real view of courtyard core space

▼休闲泳池结合下沉会客空间 Recreational swimming pool combined with sinking meeting space

▼沙滩椅享受日光浴 Sunbathing on beach chairs

▼泳池一侧的细心设计 Careful design on the side of the pool

▼保留场地的自然置石 Preserve the natural stone placement of the site

▼简洁质感的种植池 Simple planting pond

▼细节处理 Detail processing


绿-是我们依恋的土地 ,田-我们尝到光合作用的甜美,夜里的水-像极了发光宝石的绿,伴月的松  应是诗人酒杯里的画-我们的生活,是山栖谷隐。

Green – is the land we are attached to, the field – we taste the sweetness of photosynthesis, the water at night – like the green of the luminous jewel, the pine with the moon should be the painting in the poet’s wine glass – our life, is the mountain dwelling and the hidden valley.



▼施工过程 Construction process




建筑及室内:亚邑设计  孙建亚

Project Name: Shanqi Gu Yin
Design company: HANCS Landscape Planning and Design (Shanghai) Co.
Design team :Lai Lianqu, Hu Qiang, Wang Hui, Wu Yuehong
Contact email:595745276@qq.com
Architecture and interior:Yayi Design
Construction: Heyi deco
Project Location: Shanghai
Landscape area: 4977㎡
Landscape completion date: June 2021
Photographer: Sun Jianya, Lai Lianqu



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