Myk-d :芝加哥大学实验学校的厄尔·夏皮罗和戈登·帕克斯艺术大厅庆祝学校的动手方式。可持续的景观设计通过突出景观中的自然系统,补充了创始人将教育作为创造性思维模式的方法。该设计展示了通过生态管理和自由玩耍来学习的重点。一系列的室外教室,包括一个雨园,一个当地的树林和一个土丘系统,被用来传达关于水活动的想法,以在这个城市环境中产生对自然世界的更深的理解。入口广场的特点是一系列的线性长椅延伸到景观,提供了充足的座位机会,可以俯瞰郁郁葱葱的花园景观和滚动的地形。

Myk-d :The Earl Shapiro and Gordon Parks Arts Hall at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools celebrates the school’s hands-on approach to play. The sustainable landscape design complements the founder’s approach to education as a model for creative thinking by highlighting natural systems in the landscape. The design demonstrates a focus on learning through ecological stewardship and free play. A series of exterior classrooms, including a rain garden, a native grove of trees, and a mound system, are used to convey ideas about water activity to engender a deeper understanding of the natural world in this urban setting. The entry plaza features a series of linear benches that extend into the landscape to provide ample seating opportunities that overlook the lush rain garden landscape and rolling landforms.


Photos by Dave Burk.


Project name: UChicago LAB School Early Childhood Center
Location: Chicago, IL
Client: University of Chicago Laboratory Schools


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